“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Sunny. I had been going to psychiatrists for years and took more medicine than you can imagine. I was desperate and a friend recommended Sunny. I learned more about myself and my life in two sessions than I did from years and years of therapy. It took me longer than most people to work through my problems but Sunny never gave up. She sent me emails and checked on me regularly. It has been 6 months and I am not on any medication and I am HAPPY! I smile and am comfortable with being happy. I feel that Sunny saved my life. I only wish I had met her sooner. I still have some work to do but the amazing transformation and progress I have made is seen by so many people. I can never thank Sunny enough for the help she gave me. Sunny is truly an Angel!”

Tracy M

“Thank you so much for your help. I found our sessions extremely transforming and somewhat magical. In just a few sessions, you helped me clear my fears about myself and my relationships. I went from being single for quite a long time to attracting the person of my dreams, in a relatively short time. You believed in me more than I believed in myself, thank you very much for that. I intend to continue our sessions in other areas of my life, you are the best coach one could ask for. Thank you for being you.”

Sriram V.

“My sessions with Sunny van Vlijmen have been life changing. Having been in conventional therapy for years, without the use of ANY medication, I did not accomplish a fraction of what has changed in one year of working with Sunny. I have had several medical doctors comment on the changes they have noticed with me, both physically and emotionally – one doctor asking what medication I was taking as my emotional state was so opposite to that of a year ago. She was astounded when I informed her it was not medication but my work with Sunny. My ONLY regret is that I did not work with Sunny years ago.”

Sheri V.

Sunny’s work with me has changed my entire life. She has helped me to identify deep-rooted emotional issues that paralyzed my life for years. I tried to fix myself. I did everything that I could do…..but nothing worked and I was digging my own grave. Sunny has shown me how to deal with my thoughts, my emotions, and I am learning to live again. She has not only given me the tools to understand myself and my emotions, she has cared about me as a human being. Sunny’s knowledge is so vast. I believe that she knows everything that there is to know in the scientific sense. The astonishing thing about Sunny is that her heart for people is even larger than her vast knowledge of the subject matter. She deeply cares about her clients. In my opinion, you will be hard pressed to find that quality in another coach.”

Kelly F., New York City

“The first time I went to Sunny, I was desperate because of a serious health problem. Medical doctors hadn’t been able to help me, and often I thought that my life was no longer worth living.

It was astounding how quickly Sunny was able to discover the deep-lying cause of my condition, and after that first session, my symptoms were already gone. For me, it was a miracle!

Since then Sunny has helped me with many different types of problems. Her intuition and profound knowledge never cease to amaze me, and above all – she really cares about her clients.”

Diana K.

“Sunny is a godsend. I have been in therapy for over 20 years with various therapists with little success. I’ve made tremendous progress and broken through many barriers in my life while working with Sunny in just a short period of time. I don’t know if I would have been successful with my career change and other life altering events if it hadn’t been for Sunny and the positive energy she teaches her clients to tap into. I recommend Sunny to anyone looking for happiness and a better life, whether it be for relief from physical pain, childhood and/or adult traumas or blocks keeping you from your dreams. Sunny really listens, is very intuitive and truly cares about her clients.”

Suzan G.

“Sunny is so caring and compassionate, as well as incredibly adept and knowledgeable. She uses a variety of modalities enabling her to choose the right modality for an individual’s counseling needs. (Note from Sunny: Legally, I am not permitted to offer “counseling”. This was Cathy’s own choice of words).

Her bubbly and positive energy radiates throughout the session, and you always leave a session feeling transformed in body, mind and soul. You instantly feel changed. You take on new positive beliefs and not only glow on the inside, but shine on the outside as well – just like Sunny.

If you are fortunate enough to be under Sunny’s expert care, the benefits are not only emotional, psychological, and physical, but you are also spiritually uplifted. Finding joy, health and inner peace is no longer an elusive undertaking.”

Cathy R.

“After a nervous breakdown, I came to see Sunny. During our session she “peeled away” so many memories and hidden emotions that I started to cry. I never knew that I carried inside of me such a load of negative beliefs from my childhood that created this stress in my life. Sunny found the right words and phrases enabling her to dig deeper and deeper into my soul. I felt lighter and more relieved. I discovered that I worry too much about everyone around me, I did not have any time for myself always focusing on the others, which lead to depression.

This session with Sunny had a magical effect on me. I felt happy and able to forgive and to communicate with people who I believed had hurt me. By the end of the session, I had made a conscious choice to stay peaceful, to accept and love myself, and to let other people live their own lives and make their own mistakes.”

Natascha K.

“3 years ago, I discovered a wonderful lady named Sunny. Sunny is not your typical coach. Upon entering her office, you are greeted with a warm-hearted smile and hug. Who wouldn’t feel great being there? There is an instant comfort level and a confidence when having a session with Sunny. She truly cares about you and is always sincere and compassionate. There is no doubt she is able to guide you to a happier life. I am absolute proof of that. She also has an innate ability for helping others and is impassioned by her work. You feel it just by being in her presence. What some might not know is that Sunny also has an amazing sense of humor which is so refreshing when you’re having a difficult session and need to lighten things up a bit. Sunny has taught me so much about me and helped me to become a better person. I am so grateful. I always leave her office so invigorated and look forward to my next session.”

Christine P.

“Sunny is a warm and caring coach that uses tapping along with other methodologies to work best with a client’s needs. She is very intuitive and clears through the fog to get to the core issues. I have been working with her for several months over the phone and I look forward to every session because we get so much work done together. I always feel wonderful and inspired after our sessions.”

Megan C.

“It’s hard to remember the old me from years ago before I started working with Sunny. I worked with her for several months, before I switched to an ‘as needed’ schedule. I’ve changed so much in ways I never did with traditional therapy. I’m much more positive about myself now, about what life has to offer and about my ability to create what I want in my life. I’ve always enjoyed Sunny’s upbeat and active approach during our sessions.”


“After just one session with Sunny, my whole entire experience around the fear of money vanished. I spent over 15 years worrying about whether or not I would have enough money. After my one session with Sunny, I’m bringing in more money than ever before and I have total trust that my abundance will continue. Thank you Sunny!”




Marna Goldstein

“My life changed for the better when I met Sunny! It all started when I was scheduled for shoulder surgery when two different doctors had said I was suffering from a “frozen shoulder” due to an overuse injury with torn ligaments. My husband wanted me to get one more opinion before my appointment, he seemed to think if was stress related. I thought he was crazy to think so. Long story short, it is now 3 years later and I never needed surgery. I have full mobility and no pain whatsoever. I am a fitness instructor and taught up to 13 permanent classes a week up until I recently moved. Along with that I owned and operated my own business for 3 years and couldn’t have done it without Sunny. Her knowledge, guidance and determination to help and teach you are like no one else I have ever met. I would be a different person today if I had never met Sunny. And honestly? I don’t know if I would like that person. I have now moved to a different state and what I have learned I took with me. I am grateful for my experiences I shared with Sunny. We still keep in touch and I am happy to say some of my closest friends and family still meet with her. 🙂 “

Tiffany N.

“I came to Sunny because I was about to become a Freshman in college. I had such high anxiety and panic – I did not even want to leave the house. Opening up to Sunny wasn’t awkward; it’s like she’s been your friend for a long, long time. She is an easy-going person with a great personality, always happy, always smiling. Every time I left my session with Sunny I felt positive, empowered, and in control. In six visits with Sunny I was perfect. No anxiety. None.

If you want to get help, Sunny will help you help yourself.”

Jamye K.

“I was 17 years old when I worked with Sunny. I had severe panic attacks that seemed to come out of nowhere. I thought I was going crazy! During my sessions with Sunny I found out why I was feeling the anxiety; I released old wounds,  I was able to let go of the things and limiting beliefs in my subconscious that were causing much of the anxiety and panic, and achieved complete relief from anxiety and panic attacks. Even though Sunny used several modalities, it was really her presence, her warmth and compassion that allowed me to be safe enough to dig deeper. She puts you at ease to allow you to do the work. I am 25, got my MSW from College of NJ and work as a counselor. Sunny was the inspiration for my becoming a psychotherapist.”

Alexa C.

“Having been a client of Sunny van Vlijmen via workshops, groups, and private sessions, I can say somewhat cheekily, that I mark my life as Before Sunny (Beleaguered and Somber) and After Sunny (Appreciative and Serene).  Truly, I am so very grateful to Sunny for guiding me to the peace I am now experiencing.  She has helped me understand life for the beauty it truly is and that we each have the power to create the lives we want.

My understanding of the universe and spirituality has been deeply enhanced through my “Sunny sessions” and I now have complete faith and trust that the universe is on my side and life can be a truly beautiful, profound, exciting, and peaceful journey filled with love. Sunny has given me the tools to continually develop this understanding so that I can quickly and easily resolve any issues that arise with a clarity I’ve never known before.

I love that she stays on top of new healing modalities and has developed an amazing toolbox of techniques that are each easy to use and highly effective at removing and/or resolving the false premises, limiting beliefs, and past negative experiences that kept me from enjoying life to the fullest. I am now experiencing the moments I’ve been dreaming of and I see my life changing to the one I want right before my eyes. I live life with an excitement for my future that was formerly unknown to me! How can you thank someone for that?

And on top of all that, Sunny is super fun to work with because she is so at ease with herself and puts others at ease through her joyful attitude – her name describes her well!  She is also very generous, caring, intuitive, and knowledgeable. Sunny always seems to know exactly how to get to the heart of any issue you are dealing with and gives 110% of herself at every session.

It truly is a pleasure working with her and I’m a much happier person as a result.”

Julianne J.

“As a fellow coach, I admire Sunny’s sure instinct and the loving ‘straightforwardness’ she uses in her sessions and supervision with me. She assists me in my own self-treatment and doesn’t stop impressing me with her strong intuition. Sunny always gets to the point, successfully uncovers hidden issues and instills me with confidence about the procedure. There is something about her approach that makes it an “art”.

No matter what negative emotions or memories surface during a session, she provides a safe and secure space in which I can open up without being judged. I am grateful that you are there, Sunny!”

Tania M.K., Germany

With a coach like Sunny, expect amazing results. Her in-depth knowledge and understanding of life is incredible. She is compassionate and caring and seems to identify with whatever you are going through regardless. You will immediately feel comfortable talking to her and Sunny has the ability to quickly identify the root of the problem.

I would recommend her to anyone who wants to be healthy not only emotionally but physically, because they do go hand in hand. Sunny is amazing and I am deeply grateful for her and her gifts !!!!”

Michele D.

“Sunny demonstrates great skill and caring in her practice. I had only 2 sessions with her less than 2 months ago and have found the effects significant. She is well equipped to handle whatever trauma you bring to her. As a bonus, her disposition matches her name.”

Marilyn v.F.

“Sunny is both a very capable coach and a warm and caring person. She was able to help me get to the core of issues that for many years I had harbored. I am grateful she guided me through the process that has enriched my life and opened me up to new opportunities for happiness.”

Pam S.

“Sunny is the best! She knows exactly how you are feeling, and how to help you get through it. She is very warm, and I feel so comfortable talking to her. I look forward to her sessions. I recommend Sunny with all my heart.”

Mary -T. W., Hamilton, NJ