Let me help you reach your goals for a
happy life

I provide a safe and non-judgmental environment where you can face your emotions, and limiting beliefs.

I want to….clear up a problem

First, we need to get clear about the root cause of your issues. We’ll work together one-on-one.
You’ll learn how to eliminate:

  • Negative beliefs, feelings or thoughts

  • Phobias

  • Effects of traumatic experiences on body, mind, psyche, emotions

  • High-stress levels

You’ll learn self-care tools and strategies to practice between our sessions. You’ll change and heal your psyche and body. Knowing how to use these tools will empower you to face future situations easily and wisely.

More importantly, you’ll create new thoughts and beliefs that support your goals:

  • Live each day happily instead of full of anxiety, and achieve your goals

  • Be glad to finally move forward, create new loving relationships

  • Make something of your life, succeed in school or work or career

After every session, you will feel better, have gained more clarity and increased self-awareness.


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I want to….maintain my emotional health

After our one-on-one work is done, you may find that while you use these self-care tools on your own, regular check -in sessions with me can give you a boost.

Keep on course. Maintain your emotional well-being. I call it Emotional Hygiene.

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I want to….know what to expect in our first meeting

At our first meeting, you tell me your story. I want to understand your history, goals and problems. I will ask questions geared toward uncovering the root(s) of your problem.

I am looking for the underlying patterns that form the bigger picture. Every person is unique. I adjust what I do for every single client. You will not get a cookie-cutter solution.

You will become acquainted with some of the self-care tools we will use together. I will show you how to use both Tapping as well as PSTEC audio tracks.

We will start working on your goals and issues right away. Many clients say they already felt great relief after their first session.

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Two ways to meet – both equally effective

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Workshops and Mini-Group Sessions

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“I worked with Sunny for several months before I switched to an “as needed” schedule. I’ve changed so much in ways I never did with traditional therapy.”

Marilyn R.

“I tried to fix myself. I did everything that I could do…..but nothing worked and I was digging my own grave. Sunny has shown me how to deal with my thoughts, my emotions and I am learning to live again.”

Kelly F.

“I love that she stays on top of new healing modalities and has developed an amazing toolbox of techniques that are easy to use and highly effective.”

Julianne J.