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I am dedicated to teaching you how to use unique tools and techniques so you can experience greater levels of joy and well-being.              Let’s team up and make it happen for you!


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If you feel you’re stuck in any area of your life, I can show you how to get through it and thrive!

I can help whether you are going through life changing events or simply want to improve your life.

  • If you are feeling “stuck”, or are facing a new life phase

Anxious about redefining yourself or your life? Wondering “what’s next?”

  • If you’ve explored how to be happier and have some general idea about what you COULD do, but lack clarity, motivation or persistence

Confused about how to connect the dots and what steps to take?

  • If you find that many abstract “Law of Attraction” and spiritual success-concepts sound great,  but…

…find that figuring out how to actually apply these in your life is a lesson in frustration

Overwhelmed with breaking down effective happiness-concepts into simple-to-apply steps?

  • If you’re a young adult graduating high school, or entering or leaving college

       Anxious about the unknown? Afraid to navigate an entirely new world?

You can wake up each morning knowing exactly what to do to make this day a happy one.

I know you may not believe this right now, but it is possible for you.
It’s as simple as finding the beliefs, feelings and thoughts that trap you, and then rooting out those invisible negative scripts – so you’re free to create your new reality. And how do you create the reality you want? By persistently using the simple tools, techniques, and strategies I’ll teach you that will take the guess-work out of the process of creating a life you truly love.

  • You’ll feel immediate relief and also happier after our first full session, if your experience is like most of my clients’.

Tell me your story, we’ll find the root causes, then I’ll envision a strategy specifically for you.

  • Many clients report faster results than with other methods, including psychotherapy.

Here’s why: they committed to regularly using the tools they learned, and life got better in several sessions.

  • Every client has an individualized strategic plan.

I simply blend my 20+ years of experience, European education, and keen intuition to customize my approach for each client — no cookie cutter solutions.

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A partnership for healing How we work together

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What makes working with Sunny so different?

When people face life challenges, they often don’t think they’ll get through them. They worry they’ll never get better. But I can show you how to get past your fears and blocks. And you can learn to choose the life you want instead.

What makes working with Sunny so different?

When people face life challenges, they often don’t think they’ll get through them. They worry they’ll never get better. But I can show you how to get past your fears and blocks. And you can learn to choose the life you want instead. I know it’s hard to break out of your comfort zone. Especially when you’re feeling unhappy. But the good news is that when you learn to uproot negative beliefs, you’ll make better choices. More importantly, you’ll confidently face challenges, reduce stress, and successfully achieve your goals.

I work with clients in individual, private 55-minute sessions. We can meet either in person or over the phone.

My journey in this work began when I was a teenager in my native Germany. I was diagnosed with a rare, incurable joint disease and I was devastated. I was in the “Youth Trains for Olympics” program when doctors told me I could never do any sports again, or even a simple activity like running for a bus.

I decided I would not accept the doctors’ prognosis.

Years before, my grandfather was healed of a deadly cancer by naturopathic means after medical doctors gave him only months to live.

His healing through alternative methods inspired me. Either I could accept the prognosis of living in a wheel chair, or I could choose to explore alternative healing modalities like my grandfather did. I improved under the care of my holistic doctor. Years later tests showed all traces of the disease had disappeared from my body.

Because of this I became a naturopath and holistic psychotherapist in Germany. Eventually, I realized that even if someone came to me with physical issues, I couldn’t separate the body from the mind and emotions. They are intricately intertwined and influence each other.

Now I help clients in many more ways than I first learned in Germany. My main focus has shifted from healing the body to first helping my clients release negative emotions, trauma, and negative mental constructs that impede their well-being and happiness, before teaching them strategies for a healthier, happier life.

Paired with effective self-care practices this approach results in improved emotional, mental and physical health – and happiness! I continuously reformulate my approach for each client using a wide range of the tools and practices I’m trained in.

Therefore, I select what are the most effective practices for clients to reach their goals. I aim at making clients comfortable using these practices on their own in between sessions.

When you commit to working with me you will:

  • Uncover and eliminate negative beliefs, feelings and thought patterns that control you
  • Feel better quickly, often after the first session
  • Learn self-care activities to use on your own anytime you need a boost
  • Gain more self-awareness
  • Know exactly what you can do to help yourself
  • Think differently — from a new perspective where you’ll see greater possibilities for your life

Once you clear away the beliefs and thoughts that hold you back, you can create a truly happy life.

My goal is success for each of my clients.

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“I was in talk therapy for many years and have come to this conclusion: It didn’t propel me forward, it kept me spinning. What Sunny has to offer allows you to get rid of your ball and chain….so that the past doesn’t get repeated.”

Julianne J.

“In just a few sessions, Sunny helped me clear my fears about myself and relationships. I went from being single for quite a long time to attracting the person of  my dreams, in a relatively short time.”

Shiram V.

“I was ready to graduate high school  and had such high anxiety and panic, I did not even want to leave the house.  In six visits with Sunny I was perfect. No anxiety. None.”

Jamye K.
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Sunny’s philosophy

I don’t see myself as the one “doing something to my client,” rather, we are a team. I don’t believe in creating co-dependent client relationships. When clients are open to the information I provide, and are actively committed to applying what they learn, then I believe that the sky is the limit.

I don’t create the miracles.

My clients create their own miracles.

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