A few days ago, as I was happily going about the many things I was free to do because of being home-bound, I noticed that my inner happiness was marred by a strong sense of guilt. Given all the suffering and angst around me, wasn’t it callous of me to feel so happy? Didn’t that mean that I was ignorant, egotistical and lacking compassion?

I had to go within and connect with that Divine wisdom “part” we all possess, and I came to a very clear understanding:  Nobody is helped by my feeling unhappy, or by uniting myself with others in their thoughts of worry and fear. However, I know that when I’m happy, grateful and focused on the positive aspects of my life, I give happiness unto the world. In fact, I believe that the best we can do right now is to be as happy  and grateful as we can!

What positive aspect(s) can you find in your current circumstances that you are grateful for?

Please share – I’d love to hear from you!